April 5

Friday | 5pm

Forest Touch Table

See, touch, and learn about some interesting objects that can be found in Pisgah National Forest.


April 6

Saturday |1 pm

Camping Knots

How and when to tie knots useful for camping


April 12

Friday | 6pm

Skull Quiz

Have you ever found the bony remains of an animal in the forest and wondered what it was? Check out our reference collection and learn about identifying some local mammals based on the characteristics of their skulls.


April 13

Saturday | 1pm

Introduction to Pisgah Recreation

 Learn about the most popular hiking, biking, and fishing venues in Pisgah National Forest. 


April 19

Friday | 6pm

Have a Wild Encounter
Meet a Live Screech Owl!  Owls are mysterious creatures of the night that are more often heard than seen. Join our campground naturalist to learn more about the owls found in Pisgah National Forest and meet a live screech owl  up close!


April 20

Saturday | 1pm

Geology of the Southern Appalachians

Learn about the formation and make up of some of the world’s oldest mountains.


April 26

Friday | 6pm

Kid’s Scavenger Hunt
Drop by our naturalist’s table to pick up a bag and a list of natural items found around the campground. Take the list, complete the scavenger hunt successfully, and drop back by and choose a prize as your reward!


April 27

Saturday | 1pm

1Camping Knots

How and when to tie knots useful for camping.