April 5

Friday | 5pm

10 Essentials “I’m Going Hiking and I’m Bringing A…”

Through this program, participants have the chance to learn the importance of being well-prepared for a hike. The group will become more aware of several common and possible challenges visitors face each year while visiting Pisgah National Forest. By becoming more aware of some of the possible challenges, visitors may learn to reframe the way they see the forest, and thus prepare better and enjoy trips on a deeper level.. The 10 Essentials will be discussed and the facilitator will demonstrate packing the 10 essentials, properly, into a day pack. In addition, Leave No Trace Principles will be identified and discussed.


April 6

Saturday| 7pm

Storytelling in Appalachia

“Tell Me A Story About The Time…” This program seeks to reveal the importance of storytelling in Appalachian Culture. Participants will hear several stories as they are introduced to the characteristics of Jack Tales, Irish Fairy Tales, tall tales, hunting tales, personal narratives, and myths of the Cherokee. A template or recipe for “the perfect story” will be provided and participants will have the opportunity to try their hand at storytelling, Appalachian Style.


April 12

Friday | 5pm

Map Reading

“How Do You Get There From Here?”Participants will be given the opportunity to learn how to orient a map, use a compass, and identify and use basic features of a topographical map of Pisgah National Forest, Pisgah Ranger District. Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about judging the distance to a destination, reading the relative slope of the land, finding and using trail markers, and locating shelters, water sources, and landmarks.


April 13

Saturday| 7pm


Recreational Opportunities in Pisgah National ForestThis program presents an overview of recreational pursuits in Pisgah National Forest including hiking, biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, rafting and tubing. Participants will have the opportunity to gain a better handle on the opportunities available in Pisgah Forest as well a clearer view of what those activities entail.


April 19

Friday| 5pm

Day Hikes/ Leave No Trace
Day Hiking Pisgah National ForestThis program explores several popular day hikes in Pisgah National Forest, how to prepare and what to expect, and includes discussion about the seven principles of Leave No Trace and waterfall safety as well as the 10 Essentials.


April 20

Saturday | 5pm

Wildlife Watching and Tracking
“What Sort of Animals Live Here Anyway?” Participants will be given the opportunity to learn about common land animals in the Pisgah Ranger District including black bear, white-tailed deer, wild turkey, bobcat, fox, owl, beaver, and skunk. Through activities and discussions, participants will be challenged to spot clues such as tracks, dens, duff, and scat to determine what sort of animals may have been in the area.


April 26

Friday | 5pm

Appalachia’s Influence in the Arts
Appalachia’s Influence in Art and MusicThis program provides a venue to discuss writers and artists of the past and present. In addition to hearing poetry and passages from essays, stories, and novels, participants will have the opportunity to listen to some Appalachian folk music. The group will explore the works of such artists, writers, and musicians as Thomas Wolfe, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Carl Sandburg, Lucile Blanch, Fiddlin’ John Carson, and Doc Watson as well discuss and explore popular crafts in the nearby towns of Brevard, Saluda, and Hendersonville.


April 27

Saturday| 7pm

Knot Tying
The Road “Knot” TakenParticipants will receive instruction in rope selection and care. Knots such a Bowline, Double Fisherman’s, Figure 8, and Girth Hitch will be discussed and demonstrated. Folks will have the opportunity to learn which knots are best for certain jobs. Plenty of time is allotted for participants to practice tying these knots.