Want to stay longer? Become a campground host!

Campground hosts are responsible for making sure the campers on your loop are happy and following campground rules and guidelines. Couples must work a combined 32 hours a week in exchange for a full hookup site. Hours can be completed by working in the gatehouse, our retail store, site clean up, light maintenance, etc.

Job Description:

Hosts are responsible for:

  • Daily campground site maintenance and general oversight of the campground loop where they live. 
  • Owning an appropriate RV or Camper 
  • Living on campground property in appropriate RV for the duration of the season
  • Regular scheduled Gatehouse shifts will possibly be a part of their routine.  
  • Maintaining regular contact with the Manager/Asst. Manager to resolve issues, problems, and concerns. 
  • It is preferred that the hosts have conflict resolution skills, however any problems that cannot be easily resolved should be referred to the Manager/Asst. Manager. 


Hosts must be able to:

  • Be physically able to do outside work with a certain amount of lifting.
  • Live on site at the campground in own RV for the season (March-October or any stint of that)
  • Be able to use normal yard type tools.
  • Be able to handle money and deal with the registration process.
  • Be computer literate and/or know how to use a tablet.